Preparing for Dementia

Alanna Shaikh: How I'm preparing to get Alzheimer's | TED Talk


“Alanna Shaikh makes it her business to tackle the world’s most pressing health issues — from HIV/AIDS to the diminishing effectiveness of antibiotics. But when her father developed Alzheimer’s disease, she found herself face to face with an illness she had never deeply considered. Watching him struggle — and understanding that the genetic odds mean that she, too, could develop the disease — Shaikh resolved to prepare for it in concrete ways: by improving her physical condition, cultivating Alzheimer’s friendly hobbies, and becoming a better person.”

 Alana Shaikh says: “People seem to have this idea that your life now would be inherently terrible if you thought about your future too much as you live your daily life. But it seems like the “you” in the future would regret that choice. The future Alanna will come back and slap me upside the head if I pretend she doesn’t exist right now. It seems to be a surprising idea that you can live a good life now that prepares you for a good future.”

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