Aging is like canoeing in the Boundary Waters by Jacqie Wallen

The map fails you.

Paddling alone in the silver dappled water,

You’re spooked by a crazy loon laugh.

It’s getting late and you’ve a ways to go before night.

On the horizon you see

an unbroken line of old-growth trees.

Boreal forest, they call it, for Boreas,

the Greek god of the North Wind and Winter.

A single mass of land

where you need to find a channel

But as you draw closer,

the waterline becomes jagged

Closer still, and the trees become distinct.

Pine, spruce, tamarack, birch.

The islands separate and you see the way.






“Both/and” thinking — Rohr

The transition to the second half of life moves you from either/or thinking to both/and thinking, the ability to live with paradox. You no longer think in terms of win/lose, but win/win instead. It is a completely different mind. In order for this alternative consciousness to become your primary way of thinking, you have to experience something that forces either/or thinking to fall apart.

Richard Rohr