Track location of missing elder with dementia

Elders with dementia who are prone to wandering an may become disoriented and then lost.  A Japanese company has invented a device that, when placed in the elder’s show, can enable a caregiver to determine their location and find them.  To learn more about the device, click on the following link:




Going Places without Leaving Home

A Washington Post article (STYLE section 10/15/2019) tells about Carleigh Berryman, founder of a company named Viva Vita, who brings virtual-reality experiences to older men and women who can no longer travel.  Her virtual reality goggles permits viewers to travel all over the world without leaving home.  To view her website, click on the following link:

Successful Aging in Place: Assistive Technology for Increasing Independence in the home.

Montgomery College Lifelong Learning Institute ( offers a course on assistive technology devices that can help older adults with getting around, communicating, and handling routine tasks.  It covers how to implement assistive technology solutions to address accessibility needs in each room of your home.  Smart technologies for the home as sell as smartphone applications that can support aging in place are also covered.  In addition, information is provided about Montgomery County resources that promote successful aging in place.  Recommended for older adults who want to stay in their homes as they age, as well as for their children or caregivers.  Reduced tuition for those 60 or older.