Track location of missing elder with dementia

Elders with dementia who are prone to wandering an may become disoriented and then lost.  A Japanese company has invented a device that, when placed in the elder’s show, can enable a caregiver to determine their location and find them.  To learn more about the device, click on the following link:




Housing for elders in Japan

Elderly residents of Yuimarl Jinnan enjoy a meal together at a shared community space. | COURTESY OF COMMUNITY NET

The Yuimarl series of serviced housing units operated by Community Net Inc. offers affordable, barrier-free residences for agile, healthy elders who don’t require round-the-clock care but are looking for the freedom associated with rental housing along with other perks — community events, health consultations and, perhaps most importantly, monitoring services. With over a dozen facilities in operation and more being planned, the company’s business model appears to be thriving in a nation where 1 in 4 people are over 65 years old.

To read more about these apartments, click on the following link:

Margareta Magnusson, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning…”

Swedish death cleaning refers to getting rid of everything people will dispose of after you die but doing it while you are still alive so they don’t have to worry about it.  The benefit to you is having a decluttered, efficient home to live in.

Read about it in Margreta Magnusson’s book,  The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Make Your Loved Ones’ Lives Easier and Your On Life More Pleasant.” 

For more information, click on the following link:


A Domestic Peace Corps for Caregiving

Senior Corps volunteer serving in the Senior Companions program helps an elderly woman walk outside.

Senior Corps is a network of national service programs for Americans 55 years and older, made up of three primary programs that each take a different approach to improving lives and fostering civic engagement. Senior Corps volunteers commit their time to address critical community needs including academic tutoring and mentoring, elderly care, disaster relief support, and more.  To learn more about Senior Corps, click on the following link:

Family therapist’s advice on family secrets

Evan Imber-Black has written a book titled The Secret Life of Families: Making Decisions About Secrets: When Keeping Secrets Can Harm You, When Keeping Secrets Can Heal You-And How to Know the Difference.  Amazon reviews it as follows: 

Secrets come in all shapes and sizes. And for families as well as individuals, they are built on a complex web of shifting motives and emotions. But today, when personal revelations are posted on the Internet or sensationalized on afternoon talk shows, we risk losing touch with how important secrets are–how they are used and abused, their power to harm and heal.

In this important work, Evan Imber-Black explores the nature of secrets, helping us understand:

The distinction between healthy privacy and toxic secrecy
What to tell–and not to tell–young children
How to safely confront a family “zone of silence”
Why adolescents need to have some secrets–and where to draw the line
The effect of “official” secrets, like sealed adoption records and medical testing
What to consider before revealing an important secret
And much more

Filled with moving first-person stories, The Secret Life of Families provides perspective on some of today’s most sensitive personal and social issues. Giving voice to our deepest fears and to our power to overcome them, this is a book that will be talked about for years to come.

Permanent housing for homeless veterans at old Walter Reed complex

Seventy-seven formerly homeless veterans will be the first residents of The Parks at Walter Reed, followed by 134 low-income seniors.

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. shut down in 2011 after the military hospital relocated to Bethesda, Maryland, to combine with the National Naval Medical Center. The move resulted in 110 acres of surplus land, which was initially offered to non-military federal agencies. The General Services Administration and the State Department requested some of the land for a foreign missions center, leaving 66.5 acres in Northwest D.C. for transfer to the D.C. government and ultimately new development on prime land between Georgia Avenue NW and Rock Creek Park.

To read more about it,  click on the link below:

77 formerly homeless veterans will be the first residents of The Parks at Walter Reed, followed by 134 low-income seniors

Test article for housing

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